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FlexLoop Safe Ear Curette #9555 White FlexLoop®
The White FlexLoop is an all purpose
curette designed for normal curettage
in a variety of patients. 4mm tip.
  Green MicroLoop #1222 Green MicroLoop®
The Green MicroLoop is more rigid in
construction and is designed to remove
tough, impacted cerumen. 3mm tip.
Red AngleLoop #3444 Red AngleLoop®
The Red AngleLoop has an angled
tip to allow you to reach the hard-to get,
tough cerumen common in older
patients. 4mm tip.
  Purple VersaLoop #4111 Purple VersaLoop®
The Purple VersaLoop has a smooth
flexible tip that gives the user exceptional
control while offering the patient more
comfort. 3mm tip.
Yellow CeraSpoon #6333 Yellow CeraSpoon®
The Yellow CeraSpoon is perfect for
softer wax, especially in patients who
produce excessive amounts of
cerumen. 4mm tip.
  Orange ControLoop #2999 Orange ControLoop®
The Orange ControLoop has a bent
'Shapleigh' style tip which allows the wax to
be pulled straight out of the ear canal. 4mm tip.
Blue InfantScoop #4888 Blue InfantScoop®
The Blue InfantScoop is designed for
smaller ears and may be used through
an otoscope. 2mm tip.

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