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OtoClear Ear Irrigation
How to Use
We know the OtoClear ear irrigation tip is an amazingly effective and easy instrument to use and that you can hardly wait to try it out, but...before you do, there's one very important step you need to take.

Examine the ear.

Yeah, yeah we knew that you wouldn't forget that, but specifically look for the
presence of ventilation tubes, perforation, or active infection. If any of these
are present, do not perform irrigation! If you don't see or suspect any of these,
proceed using these steps:
  1. Adjust water to lukewarm - it should be about body temperature.
  2. Twist a new OtoClear tip on to the delivery device of your choice.
  3. With the WaterPik® test it first in the sink to prime the system.
  4. Place a cloth over your patient's shoulder and a basin under their ear.
  5. Insert OtoClear tip fully into the ear canal.
  6. Begin irrigation.
  7. After approximately 15 seconds, turn off the unit and withdraw the
    OtoClear tip (don't forget to turn off the water). Check the ear canal
    using an Otoscope to determine if more irrigation is required.
    Repeat as necessary.
  8. If large wax plugs exist that couldn't flow through the exit portals, use
    a Safe Ear Curette to remove any remaining cerumen.
  9. Discard the OtoClear tip after use (intended for single patient use only).

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